From the research bench to commercial availability

Dr. Ernst Schaefer’s early studies on over 2,000 patients in his clinic revealed significant shortcomings in the practices commonly used to assess patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, results from over 3,000 participants in the landmark Framingham Heart Study and over 5,500 participants in the PROSPER Study further supported this unmet need of better risk detection.

The years of Dr. Schaefer’s original clinical research in the field of lipidology, coupled with Dr. Bela Asztalos’ development of proprietary methodologies for advanced lipid analysis, sparked our novel approach that provides new diagnostic insights that inform medication and treatment selection and drive personalized lifestyle management programs.

Today, our founders continue to dedicate their research to revealing the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease progression and to developing even more advanced solutions for identifying and managing cardiovascular risk. Their discoveries, adopted here at Boston Heart, will continue to lead the way in advancing cardiovascular disease detection and patient care management.

Large Body of Supporting Evidence

Through patient samples tested at Boston Heart, and in collaboration with our scientific advisors, nearly 92,000 patients have been evaluated using the Boston Heart methodology. Our approach and results are supported by a large body of scientific publications.

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