Supporting healthcare providers and patients to change the outcomes—and costs—of cardiovascular disease

Boston Heart is focused on transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease by providing healthcare providers and their patients with novel diagnostics and reports as well as a personalized, scientifically designed nutrition and lifestyle program. These have the power to change the way healthcare providers and patients communicate about heart health and enable better patient management.

We have built a leadership team of experienced business professionals, clinicians and scientists who work in close partnership with healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. We provide our services through our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and staff of supporting medical experts.

Our novel approach provides new diagnostic insights that inform medication and treatment selection and drive personalized lifestyle management programs for patients. The personalized Boston Heart Diagnostic Report is a breakthrough communication tool designed to improve patient engagement, health literacy and adherence to healthcare provider treatment plans. With the Boston Heart Lifestyle Program, patients receive an individualized nutrition and exercise life plan generated with input from their diagnostic test results and personal food preferences. This Boston Heart Life Plan also provides patients with specific actions to improve test results. Once patients leave the healthcare provider’s office, they can rely on the support of a Boston Heart Registered Dietitian coach to guide them into setting incremental behavioral goals and provide encouragement and accountability as patients work to make lifestyle changes and get their test results to green.

Our History

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Our Mission
    • Enabling everybody to improve heart health and prevent disease.
  • Our Vision
    • To be a world leader in personalized diagnostics dedicated to preventing heart disease and related events.
  • Our Values
    • Relationship
    • The Truth
    • Caring
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Champions of Change & Innovation
    • Fun